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Car Export & Container Loading

Car Shipping in Container 

Shipping your vehicle in a container may provide a better solution than Roll on Roll off (Ro Ro) services for your needs where you may prefer the type of vehicle to be shipped, the destination or delivery just shipping item using your vehicle. Unlike the Ro Ro services, if you have some personal items or perhaps some spare parts that you also need to send, these can be loaded and delivered to your vehicle.

Typical molds come in two sizes; 20’ and 40’ long. While a 20’ container is suitable for shipping one vehicle or a 4×4, a 40’ container provides enough space for two full-size vehicles so can be more cost-effective if you have more than one vehicle to ship. We have storage facilities at all major ports in the US. Including, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Norfolk, Port of Honolulu, Savannah, Seattle and Toronto where your car will be safely delivered in its own dedicated container.

In addition to arranging for your vehicle to be shipped, we also offer daily collections throughout the United States and can arrange for your vehicle to be delivered to our storage facility by chauffeur drivers, vehicles that transported by common cargo or associated recovery vehicles. Of course, you can drop off your vehicle yourself and we will book your departure time at the port and provide you with the necessary paperwork and dock pass upon arrival.


Loading of Vehicle (Container Loading)

Great care is taken to safely load your car so that it remains well secured for the duration of shipment to destination and does not move within the container either while at sea or being loaded and unloaded from the ship. Check out our loading videos by clicking the link to see exactly how it’s done, or continue reading for more detailed information.

At our loading facility your car is driven into the container and carefully positioned before all four wheels are safely chocked. Wheel chocks can be made from either metal or wood and when in place are screwed down to the floor of the container.

Transportation Vehicles | Shipping for containers

Great care is taken to load your vehicle safely so that it remains well protected for as long as you take it to its destination, it does not get into a container at sea or load and this from shipping.

At our loading bay, your vehicle is transported to the container and carefully positioned before all four wheels are properly screwed on. Walk chalk can be made of metal or wood and screwed to the bottom of the container when available.

Once the wheels are tightly clamped, the felt is used to secure the wheels to tubes mounted in the safety eyes at each corner, ensuring that your vehicle doesn’t move while in motion.

If the nature of your vehicle suggests that it is not suitable or that it may be possible to secure the cables around the wheels, the front and rear of the vehicle’s eye-catching caps can safely wrap around the object of your vehicle.

All luggage must meet strict safety regulations to confirm its quality and be considered airtight and waterproof. These stringent requirements ensure that your vehicle remains safe and secure from the elements when installed in the container.

Delivered worldwide primarily by container ships, their standard sizes mean they are connected to containers from all over the world for easy loading and shipping, rail, or road transport, although some of the larger ships currently in use are an impressive 1300 feet in length and capable of carrying a staggering 16,000 feet. Modern purpose-built containers can complete loading and reloading in a matter of hours.

For a quote to ship your car in a container, please use the form on the left-hand side of this page, or if you just want to ask us a quick question, you can get in touch here.