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Car Insurance

Car Shipping Insurance

Car shipping is a very popular way of transporting vehicles and other vehicles across the country or overseas. Car shipping services are available for both domestic and international locations.

Types of Car Shipping Insurance

  • transit insurance
  • coverage during transit
Transit insurance protects your vehicle during transit, while coverage during transit protects your vehicle while it's in storage before being loaded on the transport truck. Both types of policies have different levels of coverage available for them as well as different deductibles that can be purchased with each policy.

Transit Insurance Policy

A transit policy covers your vehicle from the time it leaves your driveway until it reaches its final destination. This type of policy usually lasts up to 30 days and covers any damage incurred during this period including vandalism, theft and vandalism at rest stops along the way. The policy also covers any damage done to your vehicle by weather conditions such as snowstorms or hurricanes if they occur during transportation. It also pays for any accidents that occur while you’re driving your car in an attempt to get it to its final destination on time despite adverse weather conditions such as heavy fog

Getting Car Shipping Insurance

Car shipping insurance protects you against damage to your vehicle during transport. It also covers you if your car is stolen, vandalized or damaged by weather.

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