R-RAK Car Shipping

R-RAK Car Shipping

For international car shipping, we use R-Rak Car Shipping. Our R-RAK offering R-Rak Car Shipping – the world’s safest, cleanest and most efficient warehousing system, for your international car import and export ensures that we can provide w ‘peace of mind.


Designed, tested and manufactured by renowned vehicle racking system Trans Rak International this unique vehicle shipping system means that up to 4 standard saloon cars can now be loaded into standard ISO shipping containers safely this safely with the world in container shipping lines first It also has safe shipping.

The R-Rack is a removable parking rack that can securely hold vehicles. The R-Rack increases the number of vehicles that can be safely accommodated in one package by lifting vehicles and securing them to the roof on the snow. The system can be installed in almost any container and removed on arrival for refilling. R-Rak Car Shipping is the smartest way to ship a car.

R-RAK Car Shipping Process